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Deliver outstanding account-opening experiences

Boost your bank’s revenue and slash acquisition costs by leveraging automated, omnichannel customer onboarding. You’ll maximize your share of wallet with increased product origination rates and even provide a superior customer experience, thanks to streamlined applications, verification, product selection, and account-opening journeys.

Onboarding Header

Failing to create impactful experiences?

New-to-bank customers expect seamless, consistent onboarding from their application to account activation. Unfortunately, many banks are facing challenges in this area, due to legacy infrastructures, siloed systems, and disconnected channels/processes, significantly slowing onboarding and greatly increasing costs.

  • 14x

    higher acquisition costs for non-automated processes, compared to digital-first ones

  • 70%

    of customers abandon the onboarding process after 20 minutes

  • 90 days

    nearly half of all new accounts do not survive beyond the first three months

Take control of your bank’s customer onboarding journey

Wow your customers with a composable approach

Account-opening in minutes

Streamline digital or multi-channel account-creation by reducing the number of steps and processes. Minimize application abandonment rates by allowing new-to-bank customers to pick up applications, right where they left off.

Compose dynamic journeys

Get access to an extensive capabilities library, customizable templates, flexible process assembly, integrated data services, and design control.

Tailor experiences

Empower yourself to create tailored user experiences — at your pace and on your budget. Effortlessly reuse capabilities across your banking channels and journeys to expedite time to market and lower cost of ownership.

Improve share of wallet

Adopt a unified approach across retail, business, and private banking lines for intuitive account-opening and effective cross-selling.

Open accounts in 4 simple steps

Step 01


Harness the power of STP

Provide fast, frictionless account-opening experiences with a high degree of automation. Straight-Through-Processing (STP) will allow you to easily capture and automatically route decisioning to the right back-end system, vastly expediting onboarding and decreasing your operational costs.

Onboarding Application
Step 02


Pre-integrated and replaceable KYC/AML

Leverage our standing partnerships with regulatory compliance tools in the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) space. Implement easy, automated decisioning using our BPMN/DMN orchestration capabilities. Alternatively, you can replace these with your existing ones or preferred compliance tooling and decisioning.

Onboarding Verification
Step 03

Product selection

Drive higher share of wallet

Harness highly configurable, intuitive, multi-product selection capabilities that offer instant, seamless digital banking experiences — while increasing product acquisition and share of wallet.

Onboarding Product selection
Step 04

Account activation

Give customers instant digital banking access

Allow your customers to instantly use their new products by including up-front funding options to activate the account. With our self-servicing digital banking apps, it’s as simple as creating their credentials, logging in, and starting to use their chosen products. You can also unlock virtual cards and wallet provisioning to get customers up and running even faster.

Onboarding Payment setup

How does it work?

One platform

Our unified architecture eliminates your point solutions and allows you to power channel-agnostic journey orchestration.

Explore our platform

Composable banking

Modular, industrialized platform capabilities that coexist alongside your other technologies, vendors and standards.

Buy plus build

Use our hybrid operating model for speed, flexibility, and customizability, all with minimized risk and cost.

Plug-and-play integrations

Our library of API-driven, fintech-powered capabilities gives you the ability to add cutting-edge experiences to your apps, easily and efficiently.

Discover our Fintech Integrations


Leverage your customer data to deliver personalized digital banking experiences, at scale.

Employee productivity

Empower your front-office and development teams to drive faster, more effective customer support.

Learn about our Human Assist Services