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Fintech Integrations

Solve the banking integration challenge

We believe that enriching your tech should be as effortless as possible. Our library of API-driven, fintech-powered capabilities gives you the ability to add cutting-edge experiences to your apps, easily and efficiently. You’ll accelerate your time to market and create a unified, powerful, front-to-back solution — with minimal effort and risk.

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The world’s top fintechs at your fingertips

While our platform is a critical part of any modern banking architecture, it doesn’t operate in a vacuum. That’s why we give you as many pre-built connectors as possible, while empowering you to easily build your own, as needed. With our Fintech Integrations, you’ll be able to connect to the latest and greatest solutions on the market, allowing you to significantly accelerate your digital transformation while keeping your costs low.

Best-in-class fintechs

Enrich your bank with top-tier functionalities

Choose from our portfolio of pre-built, ready-to-go, industrialized connectors to the world’s finest fintechs — or even use our platform to create your own. We’ve done the heavy lifting of selecting and curating our integrations so you can focus on projects that make a real impact. Through it all, you’ll have full control to work with your partners of choice — regardless of local regulations or compliance considerations.

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Grab-and-go capabilities

Leverage our powerful pre-integrations

Building your banking infrastructure from scratch takes significant time and money, resources your bank could better use elsewhere. But with our fintech integrations, you’ll be able to fast-track your bank’s digital transformation by adding innovative capabilities, directly on top of your apps.

Fintech integration Grab and go capabilities

One contract, one invoice

Make vendor management easy and hassle-free

Managing dozens of vendors and invoices can be a full-time job — and a major barrier to innovation. But with a single billing party for integrations, you’ll boost efficiency, eliminate tedium, and free your teams up to focus on the projects and tasks that matter most.

Integrations Measure your success

Centralized support

Get speedy, consistent support every time

With Backbase, you’ll always have an instant first line of support. We’re only a phone call away, and we’ve got you covered, any time, any place. We also continuously maintain each and every one of our fintech integrations — no more constant scrambling to address updates. We’re responsible for all of our services, so you can pursue fast, confident innovation, rather than worrying about daily maintenance.

Fintech integration Centralized support

Our Marketplace

Our extensive library of capabilities is powered by the world’s leading fintechs, all fully integrated with Backbase products.

Explore our fintech integrations

We work with a wide range of fintechs from across the world, which means you have the freedom to choose the pre-integrations that best suit your bank — allowing you to power key capabilities with minimal time, cost, and risk.

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