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Omnichannel Banking Services

Unlock progressive modernization

Get access to microservices that fuel advanced, real-time daily banking journeys and truly innovative customer experiences, all while offloading your systems of record and complementing with innovative capabilities.

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EBP Platform Capabilities Omnichannel Banking Services

Modernizing, without breaking the bank

Core banking systems were never meant to power your digital channels — and certainly not to support its innovation pace. The Omnichannel Banking Services layer instantly introduces the architectural fabric to gradually hollow out capabilities from your core and legacy systems. The benefit? You’ll be able to use the core for its actual purpose and deliver rapid value through a mature, industrialized platform.

Payments made easy

Orchestrate simplified money movement

Offer a unified payments experience with reduced risk in transfers to your customers. Our Digital Banking capabilities enable you to orchestrate all payment and transfer types, from internal to external, intrabank to person-to-person payments, and more. Additionally, our intuitive self-service functionalities reduce the reliance on your branches and call centers so you can focus on your customers’ most essential needs.

Omnichannel Banking Payments made easy

Product summary

The right insights, all in one place

Eliminate the need for your customers to toggle between banking apps by offering a unified product overview. That means all your customer accounts and transactions across different financial institutions and core systems will be conveniently grouped in one single overview, allowing your bank to offer meaningful financial insights at a glance.

Omnichannel Banking Unified product

Cards management at your fingertips

Maximized self-service for higher customer satisfaction

Reduce reliance on your branches and call centers by equipping your customers with powerful self-service capabilities. Allow in-app general card management, such as locking and unlocking, plus PIN requests/resets, as well as managing spending limits, travel notices, authorized users, and more.

Omnichannel Banking Card Management

Simplified wallet provisioning

Eliminate lengthy, multi-step card tokenization processes

Allow your customers to add payment cards (debit, credit, pre-paid) to digital wallets (Apple Pay and Google Pay) directly from their banking app. Make purchasing convenient by allowing payment cards — both virtual and plastic — to be directly and instantly added from your banking apps to their digital wallets.

Omnichannel Banking Simplified wallet


Accelerate financial wellbeing with saving goals

Improve the financial wellbeing of your customers by helping them achieve their savings goals. Our intuitive Pockets leverage customer data and AI to make recommendations within the app, thereby empowering them to create and achieve their saving goals.

Omnichannel Banking Pockets

Robo Advisory

Algorithm-based financial advice

Use robo-advisory to automatically offer compliant and personalized investment strategies to your customers. Combine technology and financial expertise to offer personalized financial and investment recommendations.

Omnichannel Banking Robo Advisory


Enable buying and selling anywhere, anytime

Empower your customers with versatile trading capabilities. Initiate self-guided investment journeys and offer a first-class modern trading experience. And what’s more? Our always accessible overview shows customers their assets in real-time, all within the safety of the banking app they already know. That includes performance monitoring for stocks, available in real-time.

Omnichannel Banking Self directed Trading

Portfolio management

Full portfolio control and transparency

Put the power of full portfolio management and transparency in your customers’ hands. Provide an extensive view that includes instrument positions, allocations, cumulative performance, valuation, and variation. You can even allow your customers to view a list of transactions in their portfolio, search for specific transactions, or simply filter via a set of parameters.

Omnichannel Banking Portfolio Management

Personal finance management

Get a 360° view of financial data and financial wellness

Connect siloed data systems to provide contextualized and enriched transaction information. Enable your customers to gain insights on their spending habits through data analytics dashboards. Improve the overall financial wellbeing of your customers while reducing the volume of calls to your helpdesk.

Omnichannel Banking Personal Finance Management

Business finance management

Help your customers make smart decisions with financial forecasts

Give businesses the tools they need to succeed. Offer real-time insights on cash flow data, enabling end-users to improve their financial health and the performance of their small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SME) — all while increasing your acceptance rate for credit and loan applications.

Omnichannel Banking Business finance management



Allow your customers to aggregate accounts from different core systems in a unified and consolidated way. Our microservices enable the aggregation of financial data from varied sources such as bank accounts and credit cards, empowering your end-users to take control of their finances.


Improve your customers’ personal finance management (PFM) by turning your transactions into a powerhouse of insights. Provide full control over transactions while enriching them with real-time contextualized data. Empower your customers with insights on spending habits, allowing them to improve their overall financial wellbeing. And all the while, your helpdesk agents will have the power to efficiently service them whenever they need assistance.


Make money movements like purchasing, transferring, and payments convenient for your customers. From frictionless peer-to-peer transfers, account-to-account transfers, and bill payments, you’ll allow your customers to send money quickly and securely. Cater to any payment process, whether it’s configured by you or even by your customers.


Give your customers the freedom to take multiple actions on contacts associated with their accounts. From creating, editing, or deleting contacts to advanced searches, initiating payments, and more, you’ll be able to offer powerful capabilities through a unified overview of all contacts. The services are pre-integrated to automatically trigger approval processes when new contacts are added or edited.

Financial Insights

Powerful data processing and analytics allow you to offer financial insights to your customers. Provide income expense analyzers for income and spending analysis, budgets, pockets, turnovers, and more. Each service is built on an individual persistence layer, allowing quick calculations and processes while offloading the core banking system.


Allow your business users to create and send multiple payments in one go, instead of individually. Give the power back to your customers so they can stay in control of all batches and related payments with a unified and actionable overview.

Remote Deposit Capture

Accelerate your check clearance rates by digitizing end-to-end check depositing, allowing consumers and businesses to digitally deposit physical checks via the banking app — anywhere, anytime. Streamline your entire physical check-deposit process to enhance the digital banking experience, enabling you to increase digital adoption while reducing financial fraud and lowering processing and servicing costs.

Portfolio Management

Give your customers the ability to view their aggregated wealth and individual investment portfolios on demand. Our platform provides an extensive view on portfolio instrument positions, allocations, cumulative performance, valuation, and variation. That way, your customers can view the list of transactions in a portfolio, as well as search for a required transaction and filter them by a set of parameters.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Provide real-time insights on cash flow data to your business banking customers, enabling them to improve their financial health and the performance of their small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SME). And while you do it, you’ll increase the acceptance rate for your credit and loan applications. Aggregate all available accounting data within your business banking transactions — such as payables, receivables, bills, and invoices — to create dynamic dashboards.

Robo Advisory

Empower your customers to embark on their investment journey. Create digital investing products starting from a basic robo-advisory solution to theme-oriented investment portfolios such as ESG or sector-specific investments. Our platform offers a comprehensive, fully automated tool that simplifies the investment process while ensuring optimal portfolio customization.


Enable your users to actively participate and execute trades in the financial market by offering access to a broad spectrum of financial instruments, including stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. The capability gives customers the tools they need to make informed trading decisions through user-friendly features and advanced capabilities like price alerts or watch lists.