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Customer Data & AI Services

Harness enterprise-wide intelligent automation

Utilize a unified customer data profile, enriched with data from any source, to enhance customer view, analytics, and experience. Adopt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to reduce manual processing, friction, and cost. Build your own capabilities using our Open Data platform and technologies to scale.

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EBP Engine Room overview NEW 2 Customer Data AI Services

Achieve personalized customer interactions and engagement

Benefit from full-fledged, enterprise-wide data lakehouse capabilities that leverage the power of Microsoft Fabric. The Backbase Customer Data & AI services integrate AI and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities into our Engagement Banking Platform to maximize automation and straight-through processing (STP), unlocking truly personalized customer interactions and engagement across all digital channels.

Create a true 360° customer view

Eliminate data silos

Seamlessly unite data from multiple sources, touchpoints, and platforms to power truly differentiated customer experiences. Unlock a deeper and more accurate understanding of each customer’s needs while enabling faster processing of requests.

Customer Data AI 360 customer view

Ready-to-go algorithms

Pre-built journeys, powered by AI

Go to market faster with pre-embedded AI/ML capabilities for journeys like onboarding and origination (AML, ID&V) and loan application credit scoring, as well as decisioning, financial wellness, credit scoring, spending patterns and insights, and many more.

Customer data ai accelerate time to market

Orchestrate all your data into one platform

Unlock value and insights at scale

The full data lakehouse solution can integrate with any data source within your bank and leverage the power of Big Data analysis. That helps to drive insights and AI/ML, allowing you to enhance the customer experience through automation.

Customer Data AI Orchestrate all your data

Offer your customers true peace of mind

Achieving data privacy with security & governance

Leveraging the most modern technologies like Azure Purview, our security and governance processes will help you ensure security, privacy, and anonymity of data.

Customer Data AI Offer your customers true peace of mind


Data Lakehouse

Our Data Lakehouse capabilities provide a foundational architecture for big data analysis. Backbase leverages the power of Microsoft Fabric as part of our unique partnership with Microsoft. This allows us to collate data from the Backbase platform and make it available for analysis and action through reporting, analytics, and MI/ML.

Data Ingestion

The Data Ingestion capabilities brings together data for analysis. Backbase provides a prescriptive data ingestion reference, available out-of-the-box. Thanks to Microsoft Fabric Data Flows, engineers can develop data transformation logic without writing code. Furthermore, a point-and-click configuration interface facilitates the easy administration of the ingestion process.


Leverage your data for insights and automation. Backbase Data-as-a-Service runs experiments and prototypes using AutoML, which provides model building development capabilities as part of the Microsoft Azure data cloud.


Access and analyze data for BI Reporting. Backbase utilizes Microsoft Fabric to allow data engineers to directly interact, query, and prepare data to be used in further stages, such as for BI Reporting and MI/ML solutions.

BI Reporting

BI Tools can connect to the Backbase Data Lakehouse through native SQL integration. Backbase leverages and provides dashboard accelerators based on Microsoft Power BI, but alternative tools — like Tableau — can also be utilized. You can even bring your own tooling to access data within the Data Lakehouse.


Backbase uses Microsoft Purview to define which data from the available catalog is applicable to be processed and subsequently determines which data should be anonymized. Then, we anonymize the selected data and ensure it’s fit for purpose and ready for use in the reporting and analytics capabilities (BI, AI | ML).

Real-Time Analytics

Get real-time insights on customer behavior, including screen views, interactions, and crash analytics. Dashboards provide immediate insights while reporting capabilities provide historical trend analysis capabilities.


Define and segment users based on key data markers in the customer profile or any data source integrated with the Data Lakehouse. This allows you to target capabilities across the Engagement Banking Platform to the most relevant customers.

Data Science

Backbase provides an Open Data platform — allowing your data scientists and engineers to leverage all the data for analysis and experimentation with familiar tooling, including Spark notebooks.