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Business banking

Build a one-stop shop for growing businesses

Entrepreneurs work hard for their business. They need banking that works hard for them. With Backbase, you become the go-to business banking app: from bill payments and payroll, to loan applications and cash flow forecasting. Better banking for them, and more business for you.

Customer lifecycle

Be the bank that's easy to do business with

Create better experiences and conversations with your business customers. Backbase for Business Banks eliminates the complexities of business banking, turning fragmented and time-consuming financial tasks into seamless experiences. Our integrated platform lets you compose top-notch journeys with ready-to-go apps that you can build and adapt to meet your customers’ demands and nurture their loyalty.

Customer Onboarding

Fast business account opening

Opening a business account should take a few clicks, not a few weeks.

Backbase Digital Onboarding for business eliminates friction by making the journey digital, convenient, and transparent.

With a quick and easy-to-follow process that optimizes the experience for both customers and account managers, Backbase has everything you need to acquire more customers at a lower cost and grow your market share.

Backbase Digital Onboarding
Business Banking - Customer Onboarding

Customer Servicing

Efficient business banking that saves valuable time

With Backbase Digital Banking for SMEs, you can be the bank that’s easy to do business with.

Our web & mobile app solution covers the business essentials like payments and transfers to more advanced capabilities like Cash Flow Forecasting.

And even better, Backbase offers a robust and unified customer service application that provides a 360-degree view of your users for quicker, more personalized support when they need it.

Backbase Digital Banking
Business Banking Customer servicing

Loan Origination

Increase application rates and loan approvals

Backbase Digital Lending lets you build efficient and transparent product applications that include digital signatures, automated document gathering, reviews and approvals.

All so you can originate more products at lower costs and be the bank that’s easy to do business with.

Backbase Digital Lending
Business Banking - Loan Origination

Customer Loyalty

Become the preferred business partner

Personalized user experiences, outstanding customer service, and rich functionalities are the foundations to secure customer loyalty.

With Backbase, you can deliver personalized offers and messages on any channel and first-class customer service, so you can become the preferred partner to your business customers.

More about Customer Loyalty
Business Banking - Customer Loyalty

Customer stories

Join over 150+ financial institutions worldwide

Discover how Backbase's business banking solutions transform the customer experience with speed and ease.

Beta Financial Services chooses Backbase to power challenger bank BetaBank’s digital solutions for small business customers. Backbase’s Engagement Banking Platform allows BetaBank to build faster, while still customizing their offerings

Seke Ballard, CEO and Founder, Beta Financial Services


Unleash the power of one platform

One platform with ready-to-go functionalities that you can build on and make your own.

Onboarding & Origination

Smooth product applications journeys that you can customize and complement from eKYC, to eSignature.

Turn-key Banking Apps

All the features you need to go to market fast: from batch payments and card management, to Forex and Cash Flow Forecasting.

In-app Engagement

A central marketing hub to craft targeted campaigns that engage customers, directly from their banking apps.

Customer Service

Employee applications that give your teams what they need to service better, faster, and more effectively.

Pre-built Integrations

Open by design, the Backbase Engagement Platform integrates with best-in-class fintech partners to take your app beyond banking.

Developer Tools

Web & Mobile SDKs, Design System, and 200+ APIs give you the freedom to build your own functionalities and add to the app.

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