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Digital Lending

Be there for your customers and members’ big financial moments

More conversions and faster decisioning, all at a lower cost. Create smooth and hassle-free loan origination experiences that delight users every step of the way.

How it works

Faster and better loan decisions

Backbase Digital Lending helps banks and credit unions deliver the fast and frictionless experiences their customers and members demand – while lowering costs and driving conversions and revenue.

Hassle-free applications

Borrower experiences that convert

Minimize friction and free your customers from tedious manual tasks with a fully digital experience where data is collected, validated, and analyzed in real-time.

Transparency is key to earning your customers' trust. Build relationships with clients by letting them know where they are in the process and offering them an easy and secure way to communicate with their banker.

Digital Lending Hassle free applications

Fast approvals

End-to-end efficiency

Trade paper-based and time-consuming processes with automated & digitized workflows that includes digitized financial import, income verification, financial spreading, and more.

Backbase helps you unburden your employees, minimize risk and errors, speed up turnaround time, and lower costs.

Read the customer story to find out how BKS Bank reduced its time to process a lease application by 90%

Digital Lending - Fast approvals

Bring it all together

One platform, endless potential

Forget point solutions. Backbase Digital Lending supports your digital transformation across any channel and product – from credit cards to personal loans, auto loans, small business loans, and more.

Start small and scale to deliver seamless, consistent experiences across all your lending, credit products, and lines of business.

Digital Lending - Bring it all together

Open to fintechs

Partner with the world's best solution providers

Our solution comes pre-integrated with best-in-class fintech partners, so you can instantly revolutionize your customer experience.

From real-time credit scoring providers to digital income verification to identity and data verification solutions, you get access to a vibrant ecosystem of top-notch solutions within the safety of the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform.

Digital Lending - Open to fintechs

Easily customize

Create an experience that sets you apart

No vendor lock-in. No one-size-fits all. Our platform gives you all the tools & components to build fully digital lending journeys, so you can innovate & differentiate your way.

Adopt our functionalities, apply the style that suits your brand, and build on top of our platform and apps. You can have it all.

Digital Lending - Easily customize

Loan application demo

Explore how Backbase Digital Lending empowers your customers and members to apply for a loan in mere minutes. Say goodbye to tedious paper forms and branch visits with a streamlined, fully automated loan origination experience.

More features

Powerful capabilities in one platform

Backbase brings everything you need to create better lending outcomes for you and your customers.

Eligibility questionnaire and decisioning

Deliver intuitive digital application walkthroughs that customers can complete on their own while gathering data points for real-time decisioning.

Financial import and income verification

Minimize errors & streamline processing by collecting financial data digitally, analyzing it in real time, automatically surfacing issues, and orchestrating next steps.

Financial spreading and ratio calculation

Streamline underwriting, improve data quality, and speed up turnaround time with automated financial data import & extraction and pre-configured financial ratio calculation.

Application center

Keep applicants informed with a secure one-stop shop, help them communicate with their CSRs and complete tasks i.e., upload documents, review offers, sign contracts, and more.

Credit scoring and assessment

Benefit from financial validation and integration with external credit scoring providers to accurately assess applicants and automate decisioning.

Digital offer and signature

Deliver offers and ask borrowers to submit documents fully digitally. Save time and effort by eliminating the need for in-person contract signing.

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