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Domain Architect

Madrid - Products

Domain Architect

You lead the technical vision, strategy, and design for your Value Stream. From technical workshops, demonstrations, and technical documentation/training collateral, you’re in charge – all the way.

What you'll do

As Domain Architect, you are the go-to person for your Value Stream to address end-to-end solution designs and challenges. In your domain you have a holistic view of what makes up your Value Stream product(s), making sure all the deliverables (FE, BE, MO, QA) are aligned and working together.

In your position, you facilitate discussions with Product Owners and Product Managers to create competitive default NFRs. These NFRs need to be respected and properly addressed within the Value Stream. Together with our Lead Principlals, you tackle security, reliability, performance, maintainability, and integration of their respective product.

Who you are

● 10+ years in IT;
● 3+ years of software architecture design experience;
● 3+ years of financial services, banking, FinTech experience;
● You have developed yourself from a hands-on software developer to a seasoned architect;
● Broad experience with identifying impediments before they arise.

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