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Backbase ENGAGE Asia 2023 -The Big Shift from traditional banking to Engagement Banking

Backbase ENGAGE is our annual conference that assembles the very best minds in banking. In 2023, we brought ENGAGE to Asia and doubled down on regional research and practical learnings on how banks in Asia could lead banking transformation in 2024 and beyond.

Four of our banking customers in Asia discussed how they realised digital breakthrough, digital omnipresence and empowered dreams respectively. The discussions delved into topics such as bringing financial inclusion to the underbanked and unbanked, creating banking apps with near-perfect ratings, and achieving modernization and monolith independence. We also have Asia's leading banks as well as McKinsey and PwC discussing modernizing customer-led journeys and progressive modernization.

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Watch ENGAGE Asia on-demand

  • Techcombank, Chief Digital Officer, Pranav Seth on Digital Breakthrough: Navigating retail & business banking with control & freedom
  • HDFC Bank, CIO, Ramesh Lakshminarayanan on Digital Omnipresence: Unbundling banking to be where customers need you
  • BDO Unibank, Head of Digital Strategy, Mark Bantigue on Empowering Dreams: Inclusiveness, savers and investors
  • HDBank, Chief Digital Banking Officer, Chris Shyan; Chinabank, CDO, Noel Tagaza; PwC, Strategy& Partner Financial Services Operations on Modernizing Customer-Led Journeys to Transform the Future of Digital CX
  • McKinsey, Senior Partner, Vinayak HV on Progressive modernization: A blueprint for future-forward banking
  • Chris Skinner, Global Top 40 Fintech Guru and Author on Banking Vision 2024: A World of Change
  • Backbase, Founder & CEO Jouk Pleiter on The Big Shift: From traditional banking to Engagement Banking
  • Backbase, RVP of Asia, Riddhi Dutta, and RVP of Customer Success, Abhijit Chavan on Reimagining the future of unified banking in Asia

Banking and industry leaders at ENGAGE Asia 2023

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