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Core Banking Integration

Unleash your innovation

Transform your customer engagement layer while minimizing disruptions, complexities, and risk on your tech stack. The Backbase Engagement Banking Platform works seamlessly with any core banking system, giving you complete freedom to innovate on your own terms.



An adaptable solution

Enrich your customer and employee experiences without the need to rip and replace your underlying systems. Our platform integrates with your current environment or a new one of your choice.

Simplified adoption

Accelerate your time to market by leveraging over 20 out-of-the-box connectors to both traditional core banking systems and the latest, cloud-native lean cores.

Innovate at your own pace

Deploy an engagement layer that gives you instant innovation value. Meanwhile, you can gradually modernize your underlying infrastructure.

Uninterrupted services

Build new products and streamline business processes while ensuring no interruptions to the end-user experience as you modernize your core banking systems and applications.

Optionality at your fingertips

Navigating the ever-changing security and compliance challenges in your tech stacks can be burdensome, but it doesn’t have to be. With Backbase, you’ll have the optionality to benefit from a powerful customer engagement layer on top of the core banking system that fits your requirements and priorities.

Deploy on existing cores

Does your existing core banking system serve your needs, and is it future proof? Increase agility and flexibility by deploying an engagement layer on top of your existing stack. By doing so, you can easily orchestrate seamless journeys across every stage of the customer lifecycle without the need to throw away your current investments.

Core - Engagement Banking Platform

Optimize front-to-back

Is your existing core banking system too slow and complex? Take a vertical approach to revamp your end-to-end banking solutions. Whether you replace, upgrade, or build your core banking system, this option allows you to reimagine your technology stack and create one that gives you the agility and resiliency to meet your customers’ demands both today and in the future.

Core - Optimize front to back
Partner cores

Powerful partnerships with cloud-native cores

Banks and credit unions can accelerate their time to market with our strong partnerships with lean core banking partners.


Mambu’s composable, cloud-native core banking platform is built for speed. The SaaS offers a robust catalog of pre-built banking modules that can be mixed and matched on the fly to build banks, replace existing systems, or simply upgrade components.

Backbase and Mambu offer a fully integrated, highly-composable, productized platform banking solution that reduces risk and lowers implementation timelines.

Core - Mambu

Thought Machine

Thought Machine gives you the full control and flexibility to build and change any financial product through a configuration layer. The cloud-native, lean core technology enables maximum configurability, so you can provide highly personalized experiences to your consumers and increase market share.

Backbase and Thought Machine together offer a highly-configurable, end-to-end banking solution that delivers richer customer experiences and addresses evolving consumer trends and needs.

Core - Thought Machine

Get the most out of your Backbase platform

Cloud Deployment

Adopt a cloud-native architecture of your choice

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Success Services

Tap Backbase experts to meet your strategic goals

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