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Digital Investing

Build, automate, and scale digital investment propositions

Launch tailored investing propositions for any customer segment. Empower your customers to take control of their investments by launching user-centric trading, robo advisory, and hybrid advisory products.

Investing Header

Investing solutions for any customer segment

Maximum flexibility for any market

Build tailored products for a variety of customer sub-segments with solutions that help them achieve their financial goals, based on their personal needs and maturity levels.

Backbase offers fully automated and compliant investment product journeys for self-directed trading, as well as both robo advisory and hybrid advisory wealth management.

Investing Investing Solution


Outcome-focused autopilot investment

Empower your customers to put their investments on autopilot. From a simple robo advisory solution to themed investment portfolios like ESG or sector-specific investments, you’ll help your customers meet their financial goals with ease.

Investing Robo Advisory


Put customers in control

Give your clients access to capital markets with our intuitive, self-guided trading journeys. Your customers will be able to find investment opportunities, trade, and manage their portfolios all by themselves.

Offer a first-class, modern trading experience — all within the safety of the banking app your customers know and trust.

Investing Trading

Hybrid advisory

Empower your Relationship Managers

Enhance your private banking and wealth management services with our hybrid advisory platform. Harness the power of a fully equipped, relationship-manager-led investment platform that revolutionizes traditional wealth management.

By using a single platform, you’ll provide a rich and coherent client experience via client apps (web and mobile), as well as the relationship manager portal.

Investing Hybrid Advisory

Composable architecture

Leverage your existing infrastructure or partner with the best

Our modular and configurable platform can sit on top of your existing wealth infrastructure to leverage existing partnerships.

From custody and brokerage providers to risk assessment solutions to identity and data verification offerings, you get access to a vibrant ecosystem of top-notch solutions within the safety of the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform.

Investing Composable architecture

We do the plumbing, you get creative

Create an experience that sets you apart

No vendor lock-in. No one size fits all. Our platform gives you all the tools and components to design and build truly differentiated user experiences.

Adopt our functionalities, apply the style that suits your brand, and build on top of our platform and apps. You can have it all.

Investing Buy and Build
How it works

The infrastructure of modern wealth management

Backbase Digital Investing gives you the foundation to quickly build, automate, and scale digital investment propositions. Whether you’re building from scratch or integrating new propositions, our platform is the orchestration layer that will get you to market quickly. Develop powerful solutions at speed and scale, helping your customers do more with their money while automation and integrations with third-parties streamline the journeys.

Digital Onboarding A modern platform

Next-generation digital investing capabilities

Backbase brings everything your bank or credit union needs to create better investing outcomes for your customers.

Risk and Suitability Assessments

Deliver intuitive, engaging risk and suitability assessments that your customers will feel comfortable completing by themselves. Get compliant, suitable outcomes and mechanisms to help your customers keep their characteristics up to date.

Automated Rebalancing

Minimize the cost of operating advised and discretionary portfolio management solutions with our fully automated rebalancing system. Help your customers keep their portfolios in line with their risk preference and adapt automatically to market movements.

Asset Supermarket

Allow your customers to explore investment opportunities and execute on their ideas. Give them access to stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds while highlighting specific products.

Trading & Order Management

Backbase offers fully automated trading and order management as the underlying foundation of your Digital Investing products.


Intuitive, easy-to-use Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering journeys make onboarding customers a fast and user-friendly experience. Leverage our partner solutions to fully automate even the most complex onboarding flows.

Portfolio Management

Create model portfolios based on your clients’ risk levels or themes like ESG or sectors. Take it one step further by offering unique portfolios based on a multitude of investment preferences.

Regulatory Reporting

Automatically create reports so your customers can meet regulatory requirements and access all necessary data for their local regulator.

Fractional Shares

Offer fractional shares and empower even more customers to access capital markets. Offer trading and portfolio management solutions from as low as $1.

Financial Planning & Goals

Empower your customers to create investment goals and follow their progression. Let them plan their retirements with our cash flow forecast, which allows them to simulate how much initial and monthly investment is needed to meet their future expectations.

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