How to create a digital-first culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” management guru Peter Drucker famously said. Of course, he didn’t mean strategy is unimportant, but when your goal is achieving organizational success, he believes a powerful and empowering culture will be a more certain path towards achieving that.

So why is this critical aspect of digital transformation so often overlooked? Probably because culture is a hard to define and complex issue. Also, changing a company’s culture isn’t easily done. It involves tough decisions which directly affect individuals throughout the organization.

This whitepaper helps you assess, navigate, and improve your organizational culture. First, we’ll look at the characteristics of banking culture today. Then we’ll describe the digital-first culture which is fundamental to becoming a successful digital-first bank. Lastly, and probably most importantly, we’ll talk about how an organization can bring about actual and thorough cultural change.

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