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Build your bank of the future, today

If you could design your perfect bank – the kind of institution that would stand the test of time – what would it look like?

In this ebook, you’ll explore Backbase and Microsoft’s vision for the future of banking, as well as the steps you need to take to get there. You’ll find out how you can achieve an end-to-end digital transformation by combining the capabilities of a powerful Engagement Banking Platform with an infrastructure layer that integrates cloud services across Microsoft products.

Our mission? Your success.

We’re deeply committed to helping you unburden your financial institution so you can move rapidly into the customer-first era with our fully integrated, hyperpersonalized, productized platform banking solution. Get your copy now to discover how you can:

Get to market at lightning speed

Prioritize where you want to differentiate

Reduce your costs

Maximize the value of your existing investments

Turn what you haveinto what you need


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