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Decoding the future of the platform economy for banks in APAC

The modern customer experience is no longer benchmarked against competing banks, but against the Big Techs and superapps of the world. In order to keep up, your bank needs to become the hub of a broad financial ecosystem with your customers at its heart, making a platform strategy essential.

Wondering how today’s leading banks are harnessing the power of platformification – and how you can do the same? Check out our webinar, where you’ll find out how to:

  • Design a web of partnership between your bank and third-party providers
  • Use robust, flexible, open platforms
  • Create entirely new digital business models


  • Sheyantha Abeykoon

    Group Chief Executive Officer at Boost
  • Gunneet Singh Bally

    Senior Vice President, Group Head – Retail Channel at Security Bank
  • Raja Teh Maimunah

    Former Managing Director, Wholesale Banking at AmBank Group