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Customer Onboarding

In the customer-first era, first impressions are key for acquisition.


Banks are failing to convert customers during account opening

Manual processes, branch visits, long wait times, and amount of requirements are among the reasons why prospects ultimately drop out.


of prospects abandon the account opening process

Spot the signs

Watch out for these clues

Here are some signs that can indicate a room for improvement in your account opening and onboarding processes.

  • Low conversion rate - tech titans such as Amazon and Netflix report conversion rates of 74% and 93% respectively — compared to a staggeringly low 15% for banks.
  • Redundant efforts - a survey of wealth management providers in Switzerland revealed a revisit ratio of around 49%, suggesting redundancies in client onboarding processes.
  • Time-consuming applications - too many steps and barriers cause more drop offs. According to one case study, opening an account online with some of the traditional banks requires nearly 100 clicks.
Customer Onboarding - Spot the signs
Don’t miss out

What does this mean for your bank?

With digital channels playing such an important role, not having the right customer onboarding process in place hampers your bank’s ability to thrive in an increasingly fast and competitive market.

Missed revenues

With a less-than-fabulous account opening process, you miss the chance to convert signups into active users who generate recurring revenue.

Higher acquisition costs

When the account opening process isn’t smooth on a digital platform, customers will be forced to visit your branch.

Poor customer growth

Failing to demonstrate product value early in the account opening process leads to frustration and dropouts causing slower customer acquisition.

Take action

Turn prospects into customers

Here are some best practices to improve your organization’s customer onboarding.

Digitize account opening

Manual processes are costly, outdated, and time consuming. When you digitize and automate manual tasks and decision making for customers and employees, you'll reduce back-office costs, decrease human error, eliminate friction, and above all, delight everyone involved. How? Give your retail, business, and private banking customers an intuitive and fast account opening experience with

Backbase Digital Onboarding

Customer Onboarding - Digitize account openings
Customer Onboarding - Leverage the best fintechs
Customer Onboarding - Empower your employees
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3 reasons why you should invest in better customer onboarding

  • Higher revenue. A fast and frictionless digital account opening increases your conversion rates and opens new markets, ultimately leading to more customers and revenue.
  • Lower acquisition & operating costs. Turn customer knowledge and document gathering into a digital, seamless, and secure process that minimizes operating and acquisition costs.
  • Better employee productivity. Minimized manual and repetitive work for employees means a better focus on providing world-class experiences to customers.
Customer Onboarding - See results
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