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Building Societies

Better serve and engage your members

Empower your community with member-centric digital banking services. The result? Increased loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.


One true platform

Move away from legacy point solutions and move to a single platform to orchestrate your member engagement — covering the full member lifecycle across branch, web, mobile and contact centre channels.

People-centric experiences

Create personalised digital experiences for increased loyalty and retention with connected data for happy members and productive employees.

Freedom to customise

Adopt out-of-the-box journeys to accelerate your time to initial release, adopt what we have in our product, extend our journeys or develop with our product organisation for custom journeys — all on the same platform, focussing on reusability and delivering a value and outcome oriented roadmap.

Flexibility to innovate

Take innovation into your own hands to meet the needs of your members, from digitising the basics to competing with big banks. Transform at the pace that works best for you.

Customer Lifecycle

Be the trusted advisor for the entire financial journey

Your members seek personalised digital experiences, but they also want a trusted advisor to assure them when it comes to using digital services. Become your members’ institution of choice with a single platform that combines speed and flexibility with ready-to-go capabilities that you can adopt quickly and customise at your own pace all in a safe and secure online environment.

Faster acquisitions

Quick and easy Savings account opening

Adopt an intuitive account-opening process for your Savings business that sets members up with their account basics in just a few minutes, driving greater digital adoption with new members

Backbase Digital Onboarding with eKYC/AML makes your first touchpoint hassle-free and compliant with fewer hurdles and higher completion rates — allowing you to focus on strategic growth opportunities beyond the more traditional, local communities with your savings portfolio. With the option to save and resume on any channel, your members will be able to complete their journey as it suits them, be that starting on mobile and completing in branch — your members can decide what best suits their needs, knowing that they will have a consistent and positive experience.

Backbase Digital Onboarding
Credit unions faster acquisitions

Empowered members

Boost self-service and member-support capabilities

Backbase Digital Banking allows members to self-serve, while Backbase Digital Assist enables them to choose how they want to engagege with you — whether through call, video chat, message or in a branch. This ensures that your service channels are member-centric by design, keeping traditional channels open whilst fully supporting non-branch based interactions.

Backbase Digital Banking
Digital Banking Intuitive Pockets

Mortgage Origination

Get a faster and smarter mortgage experience for members

The mortgage business is key to any building society running it off the same engagement layer as your eSavings platform, can accelerate business operations and reduce costs. Backbase’s Digital Lending solution enables you to provide members with frictionless mortgage origination journeys, ensuring positive outcomes and future-proofing your platform to support growth.

Backbase Digital Lending
Mortgage Origination

Increase member loyalty

Interactions that win your members’ hearts

Meaningful banking relationships start with personalised engagement and exceptional experiences. Backbase Digital Engage helps you leverage data to create meaningful connections with your members, driving retention and loyalty.

Send in-app notifications and personalised nudges with the right message at the right moment and provide better services from any channel, which is even more important where new members are not near your branch network.

Backbase Digital Engage
Savings dashboard

Unleash the power of one platform

One platform designed to help building societies make a difference.

Ready to Go

Our ready-to-configure web and mobile apps for Retail Banking give you a faster time to market with a great user experience for members and employees across any channel.

Open to Integrate

Integrate your existing core and adopt pre-integrations to fintech partners for ID&V, OTP and much more . Open by design for all of your additional integrations as your member needs evolve over time.

Scalable Architecture

A modern event driven architecture enables you to add on functionality when you need to by adding the required scaling when needed.


A true platform with the flexibility to create unique and differentiated experiences that solve multiple challenges throughout the member lifecycle.

Developer Tools

Our Web and Mobile SDKs, Design System, and 200+ APIs give you the freedom to build your own functionalities and add to your app with ease.

Strategic Partner

Our dedicated customer success team and network of partners can bridge your need for developers, implementation, training, and more.

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