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Digital Assist

Supercharge your customer service

Free your customer-facing teams from multiple systems logins and empower them with every feature they need for quick resolution & upsell, in one unified solution.

How it works

Serve your customers better than ever

Digital Assist is a powerful, ready-to-go employee application that includes all the tools your teams need to boost customer satisfaction and retention.

One unified workspace

Fewer applications, more productivity

Merge all available customer data into a single app. That means more time for your employees to quickly resolve issues and personalize customer service.

Backbase Digital Assist comes with a 360° customer case view, dispute management, real-time communication, up-sell smart insights, permissions, entitlements, and so much more!

Digital Assist One unified workspace

Superior support

Act on behalf of customers

Empower your teams to deliver context-driven assistance. With emulated views, your teams can view the issues as customers experience them and guide them towards a speedy resolution.

And if that doesn’t solve it, your teams can act on behalf of customers to fix their most common issues.

Digital Assist - Superior support

Help is always in reach

Assist on any channel, instantly

Service more customers via any touchpoint, all from one unified system and at a lower cost. Instantly chat with customers, right from the banking app.

Backbase Digital Assist also comes with powerful and secure communications in the form of threaded messages. This ensures that no information is lost or compromised.

Digital Assist Help is always in reach

Collaborate with ease

Turn up the teamwork

Collaborate across teams with in-app comments and messages, task assignments and tracking, team roles, and permissions for front-office teams.

Backbase Digital Assist helps your front-office employees improve productivity and visibility so everyone can focus on providing a white-glove customer service.

Digital Assist - Collaborate with ease

Ready to go

Easy to use, no learning curve

You want your teams to focus on servicing customers instead of learning how to use yet another new tool or remember one more password.

Backbase Digital Assist easily plugs into your existing systems so your teams can immediately deliver remarkable support.

Digital Assist Ready to go
More features

Powerful capabilities in one platform

Backbase brings everything you need to provide world-class service to your customers.

Digital Assist workspace

Get a single view of the customer, user management & entitlements, built-in secure messaging, and act-on-behalf capabilities.

Virtual contact center

Add your own cloud-based service center with intelligent queuing, routing, and pre-integrated, chat-based support.

Case manager

For more complex requests, the Case Manager supports BPMN2.0 and DMN standards to collaborate around end-to-end workflows.

Role-based workspaces

A common tool for CSRs, tellers, advisors, and relationship managers, with workspaces tailored to each user group.

CRM integration

Seamless integration brings existing servicing tools and CRM together so they can act as one.

Ready to go

With end-to-end journeys, you can adopt Digital Assist at blazing speed to provide exceptional customer service experiences.

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