Onboard your customers
in 5 minutes or less

In today’s Neo Reality, big tech and challenger banks are winning over millions of customers through tailored digital onboarding experiences. For incumbent banks to regain their continuing loss of market share, they must solve the major pain point of onboarding & origination.

Incumbent banks need to move away from high-friction processes where they failed to redesign compliance, to seamless journeys that get the job done. The Backbase Digital-First Banking Platform provides all the key ingredients to do so.

Discover how the Backbase Onboarding & Origination services can benefit your bank.

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01. Increase your conversion rate

Onboard customers in the blink of an eye. When it comes to onboarding your customers, time is of the essence. That’s why we keep speed in mind, so you can welcome newcomers in 5 minutes or less. More speed and less friction means fewer dropouts along the way.

02. Orchestrate the entire customer lifecycle

It is not only opening an account or applying for a financial product where Backbase helps you accelerate. It is the entire digital engagement lifecycle of retail, sme, corporate, and private

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03. Digitize processes and improve your cost-income

Currently incumbent banks offer fragmented journeys with high dropout rates. They struggle to integrate multiple digital suppliers and aren’t rethinking know-your-customer and document gathering processes. Furthermore, operational back-office processes of these traditional banks are still heavily dependent on manual efforts that require large workforces, high costs and a great deal of time.

Now Backbase improves both domains – the customer space and the employee space – via its Onboarding & Origination Services. This comes with turn-key customer experiences that cover the entire customer lifecycle.

These seamless experiences optimize customer conversion rates, improving the topline of the bank. But we also help in terms of cost-savings by digitizing all back-office processes. Archiving and gathering customer information, setting up an account, managing cases and continuously identifying cross-sell opportunities are tasks that are all automated via the employee-facing apps.




03 Digitize processes OO 01 - Demo | Seamless Onboarding & Origination

Watch the full demo

Did we catch your interest?

At Backbase Connect 2019, Tim Rutten, VP Strategy & Propositions at Backbase, impressed thousands of high-level industry experts with a live demo of the Backbase Onboarding & Origination services. Watch the demo to find out how you can onboard customers in 5 minutes or less.