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Digital Onboarding

Create first impressions that last

Eliminate friction for bank customers during account opening to drive higher completion rates and more revenue.

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How it works

Acquire new customers in minutes

We help banks and credit unions build best-in-class digital account opening journeys that are seamless for customers and members, efficient for employees, and create more opportunities for revenue.

Win customers faster

Instant account opening

The longer it takes, the more people drop off — so you need to offer onboarding in 5 minutes or less.

Pre-packaged with eKYC/AML, Backbase Digital Onboarding ensures that your initial customer touchpoint is completely digital and fully compliant.

The result? Fewer hurdles, higher completions and great first impressions.

Digital onboarding win customers faster

Optimize costs

Smart and fully digitized processes

Manual and paper-based processes are costly and take a ton of employee effort.

Backbase Digital Onboarding comes with powerful case management, automated document gathering and collaboration capabilities, for less paperwork and more productivity.

Digital onboarding optimize costs

Innovate with speed

Ready for action

Every bank is different. But that doesn’t mean you need to reinvent every wheel. Our solution lets you adopt onboarding flows and configure them to your bank without any extra coding.

Together, we’ll bring your brand to life across all digital channels by theming each component through the Backbase Design System.

Add your own touch

Build journeys unique to your bank

You're the expert on what your customers and employees need, and we're here to support your goals. 

Backbase lets you curate perfect journeys with reusable building blocks that give you all the freedom and flexibility to develop user journeys however you see fit.

Training & Support - UX resources

One platform

Say goodbye to points solutions

Leverage our powerful engagement platform to maximize efficiency without repeating work.

Start small and scale to deliver seamless, consistent, and elevated onboarding experiences across all your products and lines of business.

Digital onboarding one platform
More features

Powerful Digital Onboarding capabilities in one platform

Backbase brings everything your bank or credit union needs for a flawless account opening experience.

Interaction engine

Orchestrate your digital sales flows and ensure the right questions, steps, and experiences are rendered on any digital customer touchpoint.

Process & decision engine

Execute all business processes and decisions within a journey, based on BPMN 2.0 and DMN standards.

Case data store

Obtain a single customer data source for clean handovers to your systems of records, configurable to the data you want to capture.

Document orchestration

Improve accuracy and end-to-end document interaction between customers & employees, and expedite decisions with automatic to-do tasks for both parties.

Pre-built integration

Open by design. Complement the platform with the best fintech partners like Jumio, Twilio, PayVeris, and Yodlee, or even select your own.


With Backbase Managed Hosting and Managed Services you get less overhead, no legacy systems, and the latest innovation, always.

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