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The Digital Banker Southeast Asia Tour 2024 - Philippines

The Digital Banker’s Southeast Asia Tour 2024 is an exclusive thought leadership forum, which explores the future of financial services in Southeast Asia, amid the rapid digital transformation that is expected to markedly reshape the industry and fundamentally alter client engagements within the next decade.

With the Philippines poised to redefine customer experience for its technology-savvy population, democratize access to finance, and unlock new revenue opportunities for financial institutions, Backbase joins the event to discuss how banks can reduce their cost to serve and achieve the desired state of unified banking for Filipinos through the right digital transformation and digital banking platform strategy.

Keynote @ 1120 am | 14 March 2024

Navigating the Digital Banking Evolution: From Apps to Engagement Orchestration
By Sumit Batra, Director of Solutions Engineering, Backbase

90% of Filipinos, including 'sari-sari' stores, are actively engaging with transactional apps and various forms of digital financing in the country. However, the banking app experience in the country is far from satisfactory, marked by inconsistent availability and uptime, inconvenience in online financing, sluggish app performance, and concerns about app security.

Amid the rise of digital banks, how can incumbent banks lower their cost to serve, increase cross-channel satisfaction, create a unified banking experience across retail and business, and accelerate innovation to stay ahead?

Booth meetings

The Backbase Philippines team will be at Booth #1 with plenty of customer stories to share, including how banks achieve financial inclusion, banking app with a near-perfect rating, the ability to deliver banking to where the customer is, and more.

We invite banking executives to meet us onsite for an in-depth discussion about your digital transformation goals for 2024. Let's explore real-world innovations together that can help you surpass your objectives.

Request for an event pass as well if you need one, stating your interest in the comments box – we will respond to you as soon as we can on their availability.

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