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Essential resources for banking executives:enter ‘Banking Reinvented’

The new digital banking leaders: Meet India’s change-makers

Change is the only constant. While banks are mindful about being agile, ensuring speed of innovation is a key driver for India’s mobile-first and mobile only landscape.

In this eBook, leaders such as Anjani Rathor and Sankarson Banerjee, shed light on how they have tackled and embraced changes, while sharing key insights for future leaders to excel in reinventing the future.

We are grateful to each of our leaders for their willingness to contribute their stories, and delighted to share them with you. Our hope is that the stories and insights from these 6 outstanding leaders will inspire you as you lead your teams in the new normal.

We respect risk – we take cognizance of it and find ways to mitigate it. At the same time, we do not fear failure.

Anjani Rathor, Chief Digital Officer, HDFC Bank

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