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The African Digital Banking Transformation Report 2020

The Digital Transformation Imperative

With the rise of technology adoption and a growing economy, Africa’s digital banking landscape is set to develop at a record pace in the next few years. A recent survey, conducted among African banks by our partner African Banker, showed that the race for digital is heating up:

  • 96% of African banks regard digital transformation as one of the most important factors in their bank’s growth strategy.
  • 52% of African banks consider better client services to be the single most important priority for digital transformation.
  • 68% of African banks plan to increase their digital transformation expenditure over the next year for retail banking.

(Source - African Banker, 2020)

Together with African Banker, we’ve published a comprehensive report that aims to provide a clear roadmap for digital transformation journeys across the African banking sector. In this report, you will find valuable insights on how to get started or further drive your digital initiatives. Download the report now and get access to:

  • An outlook of the current digital transformation strategies of Tier 1 Banks in Africa.
  • A step-by-step guide on how to efficiently develop a client-first digital transformation strategy.
  • First-hand insights from six senior executives from the leading banks Absa Group, Nedbank Group, Equity Bank, Banco Sol and Banco Atlântico.
A very big part of our technology roadmap is digitizing our onboarding process which is absolutely critical.

Christine Wu, Managing Executive RBB: customer value management, Absa Group

Download the reportto learn about the Digital Transformation Imperative


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