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3 trends driving the evolution to great customer experience

In today’s world people expect valuable and seamless experiences in every aspect of their life – including banking. Prioritizing your ability to make people feel appreciated and confident in their banking experience can have a much bigger impact on long-term loyalty than the ease and effectiveness of the services you provide.

Watch as industry leaders Alyson Clarke, Ben Morales, and Chris Hall discuss 3 key trends that will drive loyalty and keep users coming back for all their financial needs.

During the 60-minute session, they’ll discuss:

  • How to drive long-term loyalty through great CX
  • Hybrid banking’s role in providing a superior experience
  • How personalization is picking up pace in banking


  • Chris Hall

    Chris Hall,
    VP of North America, at Backbase

  • Alyson Clarke

    Alyson Clarke,
    Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

  • Ben Morales

    Ben Morales,
    Senior Executive Product, Technology and Payments of WSECU

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