Ovum Decision Matrix 2019

Ovum’s Ultimate Leader: The Backbase Digital Banking Platform

Ovum, an analyst and consultancy firm specializing in global coverage of the tech industry, has published the latest report on the digital banking platform market. It summarizes capabilities of the top 10 global digital banking platform vendors.

Once again, the report lists the Backbase Digital Banking platform as the ultimate market leader. When it comes to empowering banks to create compelling digital experiences, or helping them optimize complex legacy environments — Backbase is the leading option.

The Ovum decision matrix assesses each vendor’s ability to meet the needs of retail banking, corporate banking, and wealth management. Find out why Ovum recommends shortlisting the Backbase Digital Banking platform, and get key insights into the market. Download the report.

Primary Assessment Criteria

Market impact
Market impact examines market presence and growth. Backbase gets top position as it focuses only on digital platforms and has developed an outstanding expertise on the area. Also, the client base grows at an impressive rate, and today Backbase helps more than 100 banks to accelerate their digital transformation.

Backbase comes out on top for the advanced technology behind its digital banking platform, due to the decoupled set of microservices that compose the solution. This architecture allows changes of the back end to be implemented without having impact on the digital channels.

Backbase gets full marks for partnerships and leads in country coverage, highlighting the strength of its international network.



Learn why Backbase has been named the ultimate leader in the Digital Banking Platform market globally. Download now.