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Essential resources for banking executives:Enter ‘Banking Reinvented’

Re-architect your bank around your customers

Move forward from the old ways of banking. With the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform, you can provide banking experiences that are 10x times better for your customers. This means more loyalty, retention, and satisfaction — all with a single solution.

Traditional banking is broken

As technology-savvy platform players emerge, banks and credit unions are now faced with an existential threat as they struggle to meet their customers’ expectations. To fight back, banks need to overcome three major challenges:

Legacy silos

Incremental and standalone point solutions have resulted in broken customer journeys across products, channels, and services, making it impossible to create holistic experiences.

Lack of agility

The fragmentation and complexity of these legacy systems make banks slow to change and force them to spend most of their IT budget on maintenance.

Unsustainable costs

These complexities leave most banks with an unsustainable cost structure while preventing them from meeting the ever-changing expectations of their customers.

To survive, banks need to make a paradigm shift

Banks must rethink and redefine how they operate so they can thrive in this new era.

Engagement Banking is the path forward

Now is the time for traditional banking to move from limiting vertical silos to a horizontal platform approach.

Value aggregation

A platform brings together what customers want and need by integrating and aggregating value from multiple sources (products, services, data), both internal and external.

Orchestrating seamless journeys

After aggregating value from multiple sources, a platform orchestrates seamless customer journeys on any touchpoint, across the full customer lifecycle.

Delivering financial wellness

A platform leverages data to help customers get better financial insights and allows banks to create deeper customer intimacy to help improve their financial lives.

It's time to leave traditional banking behind

Engagement Banking is the giant leap banks and credit unions have been waiting for – a way to leave vertical silos, point solutions, and fragmented journeys behind and lead in the new era of banking.

Meet the Engagement Banking Platform

Backbase created the Engagement Banking Platform to help financial institutions – banks, credit unions, and everything in between – break free from the old ways of banking and thrive in the platform era.

EB - Meet the Engagement Banking Platform
Through engagement, banks can more easily and affordably offer new products and services to existing customers. It also helps bring new clients into the mix through sophisticated analytics to personalize offers and creates a customer experience that screams. This is a bank you want to do business with

Sangeet Paul Choudary, Author; Founder, Platformation Labs

The must-read book on Engagement Banking

By change makers, for change makers. The Engagement Banking Revolution brings together the biggest leaders in banking and transformation to give you the frameworks and insights you need to lead the change in your financial institution.

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