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Fintech Integration

Enrich your customer experience by adding cutting-edge experiences to your apps. Choose from our future-proof library of capabilities that are powered by the leading fintechs and integrated with the latest Backbase products. Accelerate your time to market with our best-in-class technology in a simplified, unified, and powerful front-to-back solution.

Your one-stop shop for unlimited fintech capabilities

Unburden your teams from the selection, integration, and maintenance of third-party capabilities. Adopt our out-of-the-box capabilities and optimize your time and cost of operations.


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Open Banking

Account Aggregation

Create a unified and consolidated overview of financial data from sources such as bank accounts and credit cards.

  • Get a 360° view of financial data
  • Improve platform stickiness
  • Boost digital adoption


Account-to-Account Transfers

Cardless and hassle-free digital payments from one financial institution to another, enabling secure external funds transfers.

  • Unify the payment experience
  • Increase in-app interactions
  • Reduce risks in transfers


Account Verification

Use real-time identity verification to initiate instant funding — allowing account usage from the get-go.

  • Eliminate the need for micro-deposits
  • Create paperless, simplified processes
  • Improve your customer experience


Add Card to Wallet

Enable payment cards — both virtual and plastic — to be directly and instantly added to digital wallets by using your banking apps.

  • Single-click wallet provisioning
  • No customer servicing costs
  • Available for Apple Pay and Google Pay


Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Screening

Identify risks early on to calibrate your mitigation strategy, and then remain compliant with data regulations.

  • Offer quick, frictionless customer onboarding
  • Leverage AI-driven fraud and anti-money laundering screening
  • Increase conversion rates


Bill Payments

Create a cohesive customer experience to monitor and control both finances and transactions through a centralized bill management and payment solution.

  • Increase share of wallet
  • Create additional interchange income
  • Reduce the risk of financial fraud


Business Insights

Improve the financial health and performance of their small & medium-sized enterprises (SME) with real-time insights on cash flow data.

  • Meet budgeting goals
  • Increase investments opportunities
  • Cut customer servicing costs

Credit Risk

Credit Score Insights

Make informed financial decisions, prevent fraud, and plan finances across important life events, based on credit health.

  • Leverage data-driven financial decisioning
  • Facilitate the improvement of users’ financial health
  • Upsell/cross-sell products to customers


Identity & Verification

Start providing hassle-free, paperless account opening that lets users scan their official documents and verify their identity in seconds.

  • Enable quicker, seamless onboarding
  • Benefit from early fraud detection
  • Cut customer servicing costs


Live Chat

Enable your customers to consolidate their financial obligations, pay bills and move money in real-time.

  • Provide easy access to a customer helpdesk agent
  • Offer speedy customer query resolution
  • Reduce customer servicing costs


One-time Password (OTP) Verification

Offer seamless mobile number and /or email address authentication as part of the KYC and KYB journey.

  • Harness real-time digital identity verification
  • Provide faster, paperless customer onboarding
  • Reduce the number of false positives


Peer-to-Peer Payments

Send cash to anyone — regardless of the recipient's financial institution — using just their mobile number or email address.

  • No setup required
  • Secure money transfer
  • Seamless in-app experience


Remote Deposit Capture

Allow consumers and businesses to digitally deposit physical checks via the banking app — anywhere, anytime.

  • Digitize end-to-end check depositing
  • Slash processing and servicing costs
  • Reduce the risk of financial fraud

Open Banking

Transaction Enrichment

Get contextualized transaction data in real-time and empower your end-users with insights on their finances and spending habits.

  • Make data-driven financial decisions
  • Reduce the volume of helpdesk contacts
  • Personalize your customer support channels

Why choose Backbase Marketplace?

Best-in-class fintechs

Adopt top-tier functionalities that are carefully selected and curated to enrich your digital banking solution.

Grab-and-go capabilities

Leverage capabilities that are fully vetted and pre-integrated with your Backbase platform, reducing your time to market.

Centralized support

Get speedy and consistent support every time with reliable helpdesk services from the Backbase team.

One billing party

Our solution makes vendor management easy and hassle-free with a single point of contact for multiple vendors and invoices.

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