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Process Automation Services

Create end-to-end workflows

One platform to orchestrate both your customer interactions and the underlying business processes.

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Unlock business agility

The Process Automation services of our Engagement Banking Platform give you the architectural blueprint and enterprise-grade capabilities to build and orchestrate simple to highly complex customer interactions and business processes, including decisioning, document storage, and case management.

Process & workflow automation

Enterprise Process Engine, BPMN 2.0 compliant

From straight-through-processing (STP) to full automation, our Process Engine allows you to completely transform any process into a full-fledged digital alternative. Orchestrate complex workflows between your customers and bank employees on one single platform, from simple to complex.

Process Automation Process workflow

AI-powered decisioning

Enterprise Decision Engine, DMN compliant

Automate smart and efficient decision-making processes across all your banking workflows while leveraging the native AI capabilities of the Backbase platform. Based on the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard for decision modeling, a well-established approach within the industry, you can create your own decision models with ease and at speed.

Process Automation AI powered

Create harmonized user experiences

Build customer journeys that convert

Stop wasting resources on stitching together point solutions. This usually leads to broken processes and fragmented journeys. Our Process Automation Services can digitize even the most complex banking processes, facilitating both the customer-facing interactions as well as the employee-facing case management capabilities.

Process Automation flows to work

Unified data at your fingertips

Centralized, secure data and documents

Juggling different steps, systems, documents, and teams results in long processing times and a high risk of errors. Our capabilities unlock agility, transparency, and control by merging all available customer data and documents into a single data store and bringing customers and employees together on the same platform.

Process automation unified data

Pre-integrated fintechs so you can go fast

Partner with the world's best solution providers

Our solution comes with pre-integrations to best-in-class fintech partners, without the hassle of integrating with multiple vendors. From digital income verification to identity and data verification solutions, you get access to a vibrant ecosystem of top-notch solutions, all within the safety of the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform.

Process automation pre integrated fintech

Out-of-the-box journeys to accelerate time-to-market

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Every bank wants to be different. But that doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel. Adopt out-of-the-box onboarding, servicing, lending, and investing flows and configure them for your specific banking use-case — without any extra coding.

Process Automation Out of the box journeys

Microservices architecture that scales

Adopt modern DevOps best practices

Traditional workflow solutions use monolithic architectures, where a single instance of the process engine orchestrates all the different banking processes. Our Process Automation capabilities are 100% microservices based — with separate deployable units that you can scale, test, and maintain individually. No more traffic spikes that keep you up at night.

Process Automation Microservices


Process Engine

The Process Engine is used to orchestrate complex workflows between customers and the involved bank departments. Design and execute end-to-end business workflows within a journey, including manual steps. Rather than using a proprietary language and technology, the Backbase platform adopts the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) 2.0 standard and is based on the open-source Camunda platform. That way, you can always find the right talent to work with it. Your business analysts can use a visual modeling studio to create new business processes or make changes to existing/out-of-the-box processes provided by Backbase.

Decision Engine

The Decision Engine is used to automate decision making across your banking workflows. Decisions are invoked from the Interaction Engine, as well as the Process Engine. This way, decisions are reused not only across flows (i.e. your end-to-end main processes), but also between sub-processes and interactions. Backbase adopts the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard for decision modeling, a well-established standard within the industry. This makes it relatively easy to find people that can work with Backbase to craft your decision models.

Interaction Engine

The Interaction Engine facilitates the customer-facing parts of your onboarding, lending, and investing UX flows and ensures the right questions, steps, and experiences are rendered on any digital customer touchpoint. An interaction is the collection of steps a customer needs to go through in order to complete their application. An interaction step can vary in size from a multi-page form to a single-form field. The Interaction Engine ensures a seamless user experience and handles unstructured user behavior much better than a process engine could on its own.

Case Management

The Case Data Store is a domain-agnostic model that provides a single source of truth for the case data across the end-to-end banking process. Data is collected and enriched through the interaction engine. At the same time, integrations are orchestrated by the process engine, collecting data from third-party providers and downstream systems. It’s fully versioned, stored, and managed within the platform, accessible to employees through the Case Manager. Case Manager is an application that allows bank employees to manage tasks related to user onboarding and other product applications. The Milestone-Tracking Capability service provides out-of-the-box functionality that allows customers and employees to easily see and track the progress of an application.

Document Management

These capabilities enable intelligent document orchestration throughout any workflow, catering for storage, searching, versioning, communication, and access control. Documents can be either uploaded by a customer or employee, automatically generated in the Backbase platform, or received from an external solution. The Document Store service supports private repositories that are only available for service-to-service communication inside the platform. The Authentication and Access Control handle access control for Document Store so only authorized users have access to case documents.

Application Center

The Application Center is a customer-facing environment that provides transparency throughout the business process. Prospects and customers can securely access this service, allowing them to digitally collaborate with the bank, complete pending tasks on their side, and keep track of the progress of their case or application. A pre-built Document Request Journey allows the bank to create document requests, either manually through the Case Manager or driven automatically by the Process Engine. A task is generated in the Application Center, where the customer or prospect can securely exchange documents with the bank.

Other platform capabilities

Integration Services

Bring cutting-edge digital experiences to life with pre-built and productized connections to cores, CRMs, fintechs, and more.

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Customer Data & AI

Adopt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to reduce manual processing, friction, and cost.

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Enrich your customer experience by adding cutting-edge experiences to your apps.

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