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Engage2023 The Big Shift 1

Join the Big Shift at Backbase ENGAGE

Go from Traditional to Engagement Banking.

At ENGAGE, our annual conference, we’ll inspire banks and credit unions to make the Big Shift from Traditional to Engagement Banking. Through omnichannel engagement orchestration and journey-led progressive modernization, you'll discover how to re-architect your systems around your customers, putting them at the heart of everything you do.

But from now on, things will look a little different.

This time around, we’re saving you the long commute — and doubling down on the targeted regional insights you need to thrive in an ever-changing market.

We’re planning not one, but three ENGAGE events:

  • Amsterdam


    October 11, 2023


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  • Bangkok

    ENGAGE Asia

    November 8, 2023


    Learn more

  • Miami

    ENGAGE Americas

    April 23-24, 2024


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    Join us at Backbase ENGAGE and be a driving force in the Big Shift toward Engagement Banking.


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    What to expect at Backbase ENGAGE

    Backbase ENGAGE isn't just an event — it's your gateway to the future of banking. Surround yourself with a world of insights, strategies, and technologies that will guide your bank toward becoming an Engagement Banking leader. Connect with industry pioneers, learn from experts, and get the knowledge and tools you need to navigate this transformative journey.

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    At Backbase ENGAGE, you will:

    Receive updates

    from our CEO, CPO, and CTO on Backbase's latest developments and upcoming plans.


    how journey-led progressive modernization can drive faster innovation without straining your budget.

    Gain insights

    from your regional peers about challenges and opportunities in your region’s banking sector.


    the achievements of our customers by learning about their digital transformation journeys and remarkable outcomes.

    Hear from our product experts

    in Retail, Business, and Wealth Management regarding the latest enhancements to our product.


    in specialized technology sessions led by our experts, covering topics like cybersecurity, Backbase-as-a-Service, and platform architecture.


    with the creators of our products, allowing you to ask any pressing questions you may have.


    with peers, experts, and partners through networking opportunities.