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The African Digital Banking Transformation Report 2022

The Digital Transformation Imperative

Digital transformation has become an absolute necessity for African banks as customers across the continent become increasingly tech savvy. In this survey, more than 100 African banks weigh in on the state of the industry and the importance of immediate action:

  • 94% said digital transformation is one of the three most important factors in their bank’s growth strategy
  • 42% said providing a better service to clients is their bank’s priority when investing in new digital infrastructure
  • 79% said their banks use some form of third-party help when it comes to digitization

Alongside our partner, African Banker, Backbase has published this comprehensive report to provide a clear roadmap for digital transformation across the African banking sector. You’ll learn about the key digital transformation trends shaping the banking industry today, the benefits of a platform-led banking model, and more.

Download the report now and get access to:

  • Key statistics about the current state of banking in the African market
  • Critical insights on how digital transformation will shape the future of banking
  • Relevant case studies from industry peers who are undergoing transformation journeys
The more frequently we speak with our clients, the greater the opportunity to produce solutions that serve them.

Belinda Rathogwa, Head: Digital and eCommerce, Consumer & High Net Worth Clients, Standard Bank South Africa

Download the reportto learn more about the African banking sector


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