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MCB secures first-mover advantage with Juicepro

Discover how MCB launched a SME banking app at rocket speed

Find out how, in just 6 months time, the leading bank of Mauritius MCB launched a brand new mobile app for its SME customers. To strengthen its position as the leading full-service bank in the region and keep upcoming competitors at bay, the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) listened closely to their SME customers’ growing demand for a seamless digital banking experience. To help answer this demand, MCB started searching for a digital banking platform that not only enabled them to innovate at speed, but also work on all business units simultaneously, removing friction on an infrastructure level.

About the Mauritius Commercial Bank

The leading bank of Mauritius serves over one million customers and has around $10 billion in total assets under management. The bank retains its leading position in the region by always looking for new innovative ways to satisfy the growing demand of their customers. Powered by technology, MCB’s future has never looked brighter.


Take a sneak peak at some of the highlights

6 months to launch a Minimum Viable Product

85% active mobile app users

1,000 users registered in one month

Download the customer storyand discover how MCB launched a SME banking app


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