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Digital Engage

Impactful customer interactions

Notifications, SMS, email, or personalized nudges — empower your marketing teams to craft targeted campaigns and outreach that engages customers & members, driving long-term loyalty and stickiness.

How it works

Meaningful interactions that get results

Backbase Digital Engage is a powerful tool that helps marketing teams plan and execute in-app targeted campaigns that resonate, leading to higher cross- and upsells for your bank.

Right place, right time

Send messages that connect and perform

Reach customers in the right place at the right time, using push notifications, in-app messages, nudges, emails, or SMS.

Digital Engage can leverage all the communications channels available within your Backbase-powered apps with no additional development.

Digital Engage - Right place right time

Personalized banking

Achieve customer engagement at scale

Deliver hyper-personalized advice, product offerings, and suggested actions to users, directly within their apps.

By using relevant account and transaction data, your teams can craft the right offers to the right target segments, achieving higher ROI.

Digital Engage - Personalise banking

Ready to go

Use pre-built campaign templates or start one from scratch

Your marketing teams should spend their time engaging with users, not figuring out one more complex tool.

Backbase Digital Engage comes with ready-to-go, banking-specific campaign templates that your team can immediately adopt and customize.

Digital Engage - Ready to go

Collaborate with ease

Get the right tools to make teamwork happen

Improve collaboration, productivity, and visibility across teams with comments and review & approval workflows for different team roles.

Backbase Digital Engage comes with powerful collaboration and orchestration features, including entitlements and auditing trails.

Digital Engage - Collaborate with ease

Analyze and optimize

Data-driven decisions that define your next interactions

Measuring the success of a campaign is essential for your marketing teams to learn and optimize.

With Backbase Digital Engage, teams can measure engagement reach, as well as user sentiment and metrics across channels, and then easily share the data with others.

Digital Engage - Analyze and optimize
More features

Powerful capabilities on one platform

Backbase brings everything you need to deliver relevant and real-time engagements that convert.

Engagement hub

Digital Engage is the central hub that empowers marketing teams to build end-to-end campaigns and user engagement.

Instant interactions

With ready-to-use push notifications, in-app banners, SMS, and emails, banks and credit unions can connect with customers and members where it matters.

Smart orchestration

The orchestrator uses customer banking data to deliver relevant and personalized messages, at the right time and place.

Targeting engine

The targeting engine builds unique audience profiles so banks can identify their most valuable segments and reach out to them on any digital channel.

Automation and insights

Trigger and automate communications, notify users, and provide relevant advice based on activity, banking data, and more.

Endless data integration

With third-party data integration, targeting & segmentation can be enriched using web analytics, credit scores, location data, and much more.

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