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Embarking on the Big Shift: A recap of ENGAGE 2023's opening keynote sessions

The ENGAGE 2023 conference set the stage with a call to action, urging banking leaders to embrace the Big Shift from Traditional to Engagement Banking.

by Jouk Pleiter


The first session, led by Jouk Pleiter, Backbase's CEO and founder, captured this shift by unveiling a future focused on addressing the root problems of banking.

Jouk Pleiter not only shared Backbase's commitment to simplifying the IT landscape but also introduced the concept of a single platform orchestrating every customer interaction. This visionary approach moved beyond sleek apps and user interfaces, setting the tone for a new era in the industry.

Following Jouk, Karan Oberoi, Chief Product Officer, revealed the groundbreaking Backbase ModelBank at ENGAGE 2023. This session emphasized architectural precision to prevent costly mistakes and showcased out-of-the-box web and mobile journeys, coupled with open platform APIs, to fuel digital transformation.

Next, Thomas Fuss, Backbase's CTO, took the stage to unveil a unique modernization approach, breaking siloes, shedding spaghetti code, and embracing omnichannel banking. The emphasis on striking the perfect "Build vs. Buy" enhanced the main focus on efficiency and speed.

Roland Booijen, our GM Ecosystems, explored the art of creating beautiful customer experiences in today's ever-evolving world. The composable banking fabric highlighted how Backbase fits the pieces together, preparing the industry for the future of banking.

Collectively, these sessions crafted a roadmap for the future, emphasizing the challenges and strategies for modernizing banks while instilling a powerful message: the Big Shift is happening, and it's time for every banking leader to be a part of it.

ENGAGE’s opening keynote wasn't just an introduction; it was a seamless progression toward a bold vision of Engagement Banking.