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Green, Down to the Roots

At Backbase, we're committed to making a positive impact on the environment, and that commitment starts from the top and trickles down to every Backbaser. We believe that it's not just about measuring and offsetting carbon emissions; it's about empowering our people to take action.

by Rentia Morcom


Earlier this year, in partnership with Normative, a specialist carbon accounting firm, we released the independently verified results of our 2022 carbon footprint. This comprehensive exercise showed us where we can reduce our carbon footprint as a company and also gave us a clear number we could use to take action. We partnered with Climate Impact Partners to offset our emissions responsibly, adhering to the highest standards set by ICROA (International Carbon Reduction and Offset Accreditation).

Our commitment doesn't stop at the corporate level. It extends to all Backbasers. We've identified four clear steps to reduce our environmental footprint:

  • Reducing energy use in our offices and transitioning to renewable energy sources where feasible.

  • Engaging with our suppliers to drive sustainable climate action.

  • Minimizing travel and encouraging more sustainable transportation options.

  • Continuously monitoring our global greenhouse gas emissions.

But we knew that individual actions could make a significant difference too. That's why our teams across the world have taken the initiative to make a direct impact in their local communities.

In Hyderabad, our team embarked on a greening project, adding Carica papaya and Heliconia plants to their largely concrete office park.

Campaign Images-Body Image-Volunteers Cardiff-Global

In Cardiff, our team cleaned up an area of Bute Park. They also participated in removing an invasive species (Himalayan balsam) to help protect native flora.

Our Atlanta team supported the horticulture department at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. They participated in planting, mulching, weeding, thereby ensuring that the gardens are safe and vibrant for all to enjoy. These are just the beginning. More activities are planned for the rest of the year, demonstrating the dedication of Backbasers worldwide to make a positive environmental impact.

To ensure everyone in the company can contribute to our carbon reduction journey, we introduced the Backbase Academy's Go Green training program. This bespoke program covers environmental awareness, our Go Green strategy, and practical steps individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint. We believe that by educating and empowering our team, we can shape a generation of change-makers who will drive a sustainable future.

As we continue our journey towards a greener world, we're proud to see Backbasers at every level of our company taking the initiative and making our climate commitment their own.

Campaign Images-Body Image-Volunteers Hyderabad-Global

Offsetting Projects

Backbase is not just offsetting its carbon emissions; it's building sustainable communities through its go-green program. Our portfolio includes four community-based projects across India, Bangladesh, Uruguay, and Indonesia.

  • Degraded Grasslands, Uruguay: This project reduces an estimated 127,416 tCO2e annually while promoting sustainable forestry and cattle grazing. It creates jobs and improves the land for farmers and wildlife.

  • Orb Rooftop Solar, India: With over 160,000 solar systems installed, this project reduces approximately 75,000 tCO2e annually. It provides clean energy, reduces electricity bills, and improves indoor air quality.

  • Rimba Raya, Indonesia: This project reduces around 3.5 million tCO2e annually while supporting local communities and protecting endangered Borneo Orangutans.

  • Clean cooking technology, Bangladesh: Bondhu Chula stoves reduce around 350,000 tCO2e annually by burning efficiently and removing harmful smoke from homes. This project creates a market for efficient stoves, involving local entrepreneurs.

These projects align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, improving lives and protecting the environment. We're proud to contribute to these initiatives as we work towards a greener future.