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Orchestrating end-to-end digital banking ecosystems with Mambu

We get it. Banks and financial institutions don’t have the time (or funds) for long-haul transformations anymore. In today’s competitive market, it’s essential to team up with the right strategic partners who can help you differentiate from the pack quickly by leveraging powerful digital banking solutions.

by Elliott Haralambous


To further explore the value of best-in-breed partners, our Global Ecosystem Director, Elliott Haralambous, sat down with Mambu’s VP Partnerships & Advisory, Ben Snowman, to outline how Backbase and Mambu’s partnership can help your bank do more with less.

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Today’s customers want to take control of their financial health, so banks need to act fast to re-architect banking around their clients while still taking their own needs and limitations into account.

With help from Backbase and Mambu, banks can overcome these challenges by adopting a comprehensive platform that increases time to market and reduces risk across various market segments. Here’s how:

Faster time to market

Our platform directly integrates with core systems and allows you to innovate on top of it. No “big-bang” transformation is needed. Turn-key customer and employee apps reduce the time to launch new products by 80% while enjoying a 70% reduction in costs per user compared to traditional banks.

Significant risk reduction

Most traditional financial institutions attempt to solve ongoing problems by continuing to invest in inefficient point solutions and costly maintenance. But with Backbase’s award-winning, category-leading platform being used by over 150 financial institutions globally, and Mambu serving around 85 million end users a day for 230 global customers, guesswork is out of the question. Our proven track record demonstrates how we significantly de-risk things for our customers, saving them time, money, and effort.

Application of different segments

The best part? All of this is possible for every type of bank – from regional credit unions to large tier-one financial institutions. Together, Backbase and Mambu created a comprehensive, composable, enterprise-grade solution that gets banks of all sizes to market fast, all while minimizing risk across the board.

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