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Essential resources for banking executives:enter ‘Banking Reinvented’

Excel like Techcombank

Elevate your banking experience with the Engagement Banking Platform

Techcombank achieved near-perfect ratings with the Engagement Banking Platform, with getting 5/5 rating on Google Play and 4.9/5 on the App Store.

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Explore the future of banking with the Engagement Banking Platform

Break free from vendor lock-in and leave legacy tech behind. Our open digital banking platform lets you unify your systems, go to market quickly, and build unique solutions tailored to your needs. Embrace customer-centric excellence with a platform designed for modern banking.


Why Backbase?

Backbase is committed to dismantling legacy system barriers and transforming the banking experience by prioritizing the customer. Our pioneering technology and operational models empower banks to shift from channel-centricity to true customer-centricity, allowing them to fully embrace a holistic approach to customer engagement. With the Engagement Banking Platform, banks can benefit from:

EB Platform Onion

Over 400 composable and pre-integrated capabilities

Accelerate digital transformation with out-of-the-box features

Streamline critical customer journeys

Flexible development with a "buy plus build" model

Incremental modernization of legacy systems