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The Human + Digital Challenge in Banking: An Infographic

Want to better understand the link between the human element and tech? Here’s a summary view of Cornerstone Advisors’ report.

Data shows that customers want – and value – high-quality human interactions in their financial lives. But they also expect relevant digital channel experiences. We’ve created an infographic that sums up this key finding from Cornerstone Advisors’ new report, as well as several other relevant takeaways.

Based on a survey of 3,105 U.S. consumers, the infographic makes a clear point: Banks must start providing cutting-edge technology that enables the much-needed human element in finance.

By reading, you’ll gain insights into changing consumer habits and discover actionable steps your bank can take to adapt.

Framing the challenge in terms of digital versus human is misguided. The challenge should be framed in terms of human + digital.

Ron Shevlin, Research Director, Cornerstone