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How BKS Leasing reduced time to process a lease application by 90%

Discover how BKS Leasing digitized their processes with a customer-first lease application platform.

By utilizing Backbase Digital Sales, BKS Leasing leverages a fully digitized lease application process, achieving higher customer satisfaction and efficiency:

  • 90% Less time to process a lease application
  • 75% Less time to submit an application
  • 5 minutes Average time to complete a lease application
  • 20 clicks To fill out and submit a lease application, start to finish

About BKS Leasing

Fortune favours the bold. By taking the leap and digitizing their lease application process, BKS Leasing seized the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and optimize customer acquisition and retention.

Powered by Backbase Digital Sales, BKS Leasing built an application processing system for leasing standard vehicles, with state-of-the-art digital tools that enabled their customers to submit a lease application through any digital channel in just five minutes, a stunning decrease of 75%. With this new lease application system, BKS Leasing became one of the first companies with an end-to-end digital solution to request and apply for leases, claiming a leadership role in the Austrian leasing market.

Download the customer story

We wanted to build something no other Austrian bank has, and that would help BKS strengthen its position as one of Austria’s leading banks. The COVID-19 crisis underlined the importance of outstanding online-services and confirmed that we are, together with Backbase, on the right track.

Dieter Krassnitzer,

Download the customer storyand get inspired by BKS Leasing’s success


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