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Digital onboarding & journeys: Driving increased customer engagement in the Middle East

There’s no debate about how seamless digital experiences truly matter for your customers. To compete in this digital age, banks must engage digitally with their audience to drive higher customer acquisition and retention. In a recent session moderated by IBS Intelligence, we explored how banks in the Middle East can increase customer engagement with digital onboarding and journeys.

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How digitized customer onboarding & product origination journeys can lead to high customer acquisition & retention rates.
  • What are the current challenges and strategic imperatives for banks to consider.
  • Which key initiatives undertaken by banks globally and in the region to enhance customer engagement throughout the lifecycle have been successful.


  • Nitin Bhargava

    Chief Operating Officer, Emirates Investment Bank
  • Noman Rasheed

    Head of Information Technology, Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Saqib Khan

    Head of Middle East at Backbase
  • V. Ramkumar

    Senior Partner, Cedar Management Consulting International