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Essential resources for banking executives:Enter ‘Banking Reinvented’
Banking Reinvented

Transforming banking for the future

Join Jouk Pleiter as he addresses crucial questions on banking modernization and the future of finance.

In these insightful videos, he explores how rising customer expectations, the shift from legacy systems, and the integration of AI and digital technologies are shaping the next generation of banking. Discover how banks can stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Are banks falling behind customer expectations?

In this video, Jouk Pleiter discusses how rising customer expectations driven by tech giants like Uber and Apple challenge traditional banks to modernize their IT infrastructure.

Is your bank stuck in the stone age?

Jouk Pleiter explores how banks can modernize by breaking down monolithic systems and adopting a composable architecture for improved customer journeys and scalability.

How to break free from legacy systems?

Jouk Pleiter provides a strategic approach for banks to modernize by transitioning from legacy systems to microservices and leveraging a robust integration framework for enhanced agility.

What is a digital factory?

Jouk Pleiter explains how a digital factory fosters collaboration between business and IT, focusing on customer journeys and leveraging modern technologies for agile innovation.

How will AI revolutionize your experience?

Jouk Pleiter explores how AI will enhance developer productivity, automate front and mid-office processes, and introduce new interaction models like voice and chat-based dialogues in banking.