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5 steps to giving your customers the best digital account opening experience

Success starts with first impressions. In the post-pandemic, digital-first age – banks who deliver the best digital account opening experience (DAO) will gain the most market share while those who stay complacent remain stuck in the mud.

In collaboration with Banking Dive, Backbase brings you a 5-step playbook that maps out how your financial institution can develop the best DAO to build a lasting customer relationship from the very first interaction. Learn about the critical steps to success that includes:

  1. Remove banking silos
  2. Understand the customer life cycle
  3. Calculate the ROI of removing friction
  4. Invest in engagement touch points
  5. Product validation and continuous improvement

Download the playbook

DAO is literally the first impression a new customer has with a bank, and it needs to be a positive one.

Robert Soetens,
Product Director of Digital Sales at Backbase