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Essential resources for banking executives:Enter ‘Banking Reinvented’

Community banking in a digital era: prioritizing customer engagement

What can community banks and credit unions do to better compete with big banks and thrive in the digital-first age?

As the pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital applications, customers are increasingly relying on banking websites and mobile apps, not only for routine transactions but also for more complex interactions like taking out loans.

Unable to match the enormous investments in digital systems by national and global banks, most community banks and credit unions didn’t make it a top priority to provide a premium digital experience. But a half-hearted approach will no longer work in a world where consumers—especially younger ones—are expecting their online and mobile financial transactions to be just as smooth and intuitive as their retail and lifestyle transactions.

Download the whitepaper and analyze insightful data from:

  • Accenture’s 2020 Banking Consumer Study¹
  • Capgemini’s Top Trends in Banking 2021²
  • Stories of two banks and credit unions that have reached the turning point into the digital era of financial services



Download the whitepaperand analyze insightful data


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