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SME playbook

SMEs account for the majority of businesses worldwide and provide a substantial revenue stream for banks.

However, the profits of SME-focused banks have traditionally been lower compared to retail banking or wealth management, leaving SME customers underserved. Finding the right balance between providing a good customer experience, generating profits and managing increased regulations has been proven to be challenging for SME banks.

Over the last year, the rise of technology combined with increased customer expectations has opened the door to new business models increasing the profitability of the SME banking sector. This underserved market is now changing into a competitive segment which offers vast opportunities. Banks who will be able to regain attention from their commercial customers and attract new ones while providing a better service, will increase revenues and grow their business.

How to get started

To help your digital SME banking strategy get started, we have prepared a playbook which shows the steps to take in the following areas:

Understanding the current state of the SME banking segment

Identifying the needs of your SME customers and how to provide them with tailored solutions

How to compete with speed and innovation with the Backbase Omni-Channel Banking Platform

Download the playbookto help your digital SME banking strategy get started


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