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Canadian Small Business Digital Banking Experiences: An Infographic

Research by IDC reveals the top challenges for managing SMB relationships. View the infographic for a summary of how to prevent losing valuable customers.

A recent survey revealed that almost 60% of small businesses in Canada need help with digital transformation, following lost revenue from COVID-19. These businesses are relying on banks to pick up the pieces and offer digital solutions and data analytics.

We’ve crafted an infographic that highlights the key findings from a recent IDC report, commissioned by Backbase, that dives into digital banking experiences for small businesses in the Canadian market.

By reading, you’ll gain insights into small business banking relationship challenges and be offered actionable steps to overcome them.

Download the infographic

Small businesses that feel that their bank offers unsatisfactory online and mobile banking services are 3X more likely to leave that institution than those that are satisfied with the digital services.

Marc DeCastro,
Research Director, Consumer Banking