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Celent names Backbase a leader in Digital Banking Platforms

Four Wins in All Four Categories

Celent, the US analyst firm, has concluded their Modern Digital Banking Channels Platform, 2020 report. The global research into the digital banking platform landscape was exhaustive, and covered a range of categories crucial to the vendor selection process. Despite intense competition — 9 leading solutions — Backbase is proud to have come out on top in all four categories.

“There is a reason why banks of all sizes in geographies across the globe continue to rely on Backbase as the provider of its digital services. It’s a perennial winner of industry awards and should be on every bank digital platform shortlist.“

– Bob Meara & Stephen Greer, Celent Analysts

A clean sweep victory for Backbase in all four categories

XCelent Technology 2020 Award

Both in terms of architecture and design, Celent recognized the modern approach to our platform. Microservices and cloud-native deployments stood out in this category, as well as our platform’s ability to suit the specifications of each institution. Celent further highlighted that while the majority of vendors support one or two public clouds, Backbase is exemplary in supporting all of them.

XCelent Functionality 2020 Award

Our approach to integrated innovation drove our success in this category. Functional depth beyond just supporting channels and engagement mechanisms stood out, and the platform’s host of advanced transactional features. Of note is also our belief in emerging business models, like banking-as-a-service.

XCelent Customer Base 2020 Award

The report recognized the Backbase platform’s ability to meet, and exceed, the needs of financial institutions of all sizes. As Backbase is a global company, Celent also praised the massive range of geographies we serve.

XCelent Depth of Service 2020 Award

Beyond the platform, Backbase as a company also stood out. Our FTE maturity made us service leaders, as well as our staffing across multiple regions, wide service capabilities and the sheer scope of Backbase service level agreements.

Download the reportdiscover why financial institutions of all sizes choose Backbase


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