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Digital Sales: Benchmarks & Best Practices for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions have their biggest opportunity in years

Digital sales — the process of using digital tools and channels to sign up new customers and sell products — separates the leaders from the rest.

But despite its importance, Cornerstone Advisors’ survey of 184 US banks and credit unions uncovered that most had digital sales processes that were:

  • Digitally immature | although financial institutions with better digital sales maturity have higher growth in deposits and loans, few actually achieve this.
  • “Faking digital” | even when financial institutions offer digital account opening, many are incapable of fully completing the process through these channels.
  • Time-consuming | the product application process, even for larger financials, is incredibly slow—often taking over 20 minutes to complete.

But where there is failure for some, there’s an even bigger opportunity for others.

If banks and credit unions close this gap, they can effectively stand out from their less digitally-capable competition.

In this report, you’ll learn:


What leaders in digital sales do differently and what makes them successful

Digital maturity

Why digital maturity isn’t only for the biggest players in the space, and how smaller institutions are leveling the playing field


The top 3 priorities that banks have to tackle in order to improve their digital sales maturity

Download the reportand learn how to close the gap


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