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We've done it! Celent announces Backbase as a winner for Retail and Small Business Banking 🏆Find out more

Creating an efficient, modern banking experience for members and employees

Wildfire Credit Union’s vision for the future is simple – quick, convenient banking for everyone, in the palm of your hand. But to turn that vision into reality, they first needed to modernize their infrastructure.

By harnessing the strengths of the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform, Wildfire was able to delight its customers with powerful self-service capabilities that rival any branch experience. And with a comprehensive new app, they also empowered their employees to give gold-standard support, eliminating their legacy tech and point solutions.

Get your copy of the customer story now to find out how a platform model can help you:

  • Develop a flexible, scalable digital banking system

  • Provide frictionless support across all channels

  • Accelerate updates, bug fixes, and product rollouts

  • Enable confident innovation at scale

Get your copy

I feel like we are opening a door to almost unlimited possibilities. Whatever we need to do now, we can do it.

Mark Schuiling,
CTO, Wildfire Credit Union