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We've done it! Celent announces Backbase as a winner for Retail and Small Business Banking 🏆Find out more

WSECU adopts a Backbase-powered platform approach to digitize the high-touch services their members know and love

Find out how the Backbase Digital Engagement Platform enabled WSECU to transform their online banking experience and better serve members across Washington state.

By utilizing the Backbase retail banking solution, WSECU was able to migrate to one single banking platform that not only improved the breadth of products and services but also enabled them to create consistent member-centric experiences.

165K members migrated to WSECU’s new digital banking solution

700K digital transactions A record high in July 2020


Times have changed. And WSECU is changing with it. The Olympia, Washington based non-profit credit union is open to all Washington residents and helps members stay in control of their finances since 1957.

But in today’s digital era, the definition of how to do this has changed. Fragmented customer journeys across various channels challenged the member-centered credit union to retain the top-notch customer experience it was known for and that today’s members expect at every touch point. In order to live up to its mission, WSECU quickly realized that the only way forward was to adopt a platform-approach.

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It can be such hard work to make big changes. We knew we had to stay focused on the goal to deliver members a more seamless, uniform way for them to manage their money. The state-of-the art solutions, agile way of working and level of experience we got with Backbase has set us up to be able to provide that to members for years to come.

Ben Morales,
Chief Technology & Operations Officer for WSECU