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Essential resources for banking executivesEnter ‘Banking Reinvented’

Is the African banking sector changing forever?

Kicking off its Banking of the Future series, African Banker hosted a webinar with Backbase entitled ‘Is the banking sector changing forever?’ to explore current trends in banking, share first-hand plans and discuss the outlook for the sector.

As might be expected, the financial results posted for the year to the end of March 2021 revealed widespread falls in both banking revenue and profits, with an overall negative outlook. However, the webinar participants represented some of the banks that have managed to grow in different ways over the course of the pandemic.

Watch the webinar to learn how African banks have successfully implemented strategies to maintain high growth.

Discover how those banks have maintained a high economic growth even during the pandemic. Hear learnings from:


  • Joao Figueiredo

    João Figueiredo,
    CEO, Moza Banco

  • Lanre Bamisebi

    Lanre Bamisebi,
    Group Director IT & OPS, Equity Bank

  • Daniel Awe

    Daniel Awe,
    Head of African Fintech Foundry, Access Bank

  • Cornel Dixon

    Cornel Dixon,
    Head of Africa

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