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Privacy Policy for Backbase Online Recruitment System

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) belongs to Backbase’s externally provided online recruitment system which is used for recruitment purposes at Backbase and Backbase Group companies, including Backbase Europe BV, Backbase Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd, Backbase USA Inc, Backbase R&D BV and Backbase BV (“Backbase”). This Privacy Policy will provide you general information on the processing of personal data by Backbase, Backbase’s employees, partners and/or affiliates. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully prior to providing your personal data into Backbase Online Recruitment System. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you should not provide your personal data into the system.

Your data protection and data security

By submitting and saving your personal details to our online recruitment system, Backbase will understand that you agree on giving your explicit consent to Backbase and to the relevant third party that Backbase has appointed as its service provider, to control, save, transfer and process your personal data.

Backbase is committed to protect your personal data in accordance with relevant data protection and privacy laws. In matters relating to this Privacy Policy, you may contact Backbase B.V. at the following address: Backbase BV – Recruitment, Jacob Bontiusplaats 9, 1018 LL Amsterdam, the Netherlands and [email protected].

Collection and Use of Personal Data

Backbase collects your personal data for the purposes of managing Backbase’s resourcing, recruitment activities as well as for organizational planning purposes across the world. Consequently, Backbase may use your personal data in relation to the evaluation and selection of candidates including but not limited to setting up and conducting interviews and tests, evaluating and assessing the results thereto and as is otherwise needed in the recruitment processes, including the job offer process.

Backbase may collect personal data directly from candidates as well as information sources that are publicly available. Backbase may also conduct background checks and assessments and store information from those during the recruitment process. Backbase collects personal data for purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.

Backbase will keep your personal data for 12 months from the date of submission or the latest update of your details /account information. After 12 months from the submission or the latest update of, your data, your personal data will be anonymized and will not be accessible for viewing or tracking. Prior to the anonymizing process Backbase may send you a reminder to give you an option to keep your data in our talent pool. If you wish to keep your personal data in our talent pool after the above period you can simply respond to the sent reminder and Backbase may keep your data for an additional 12 months period.

If you are successful in the Backbase recruitment process and become an employee, your personal data may become a part of your employee file, may be used for other employment/work-related purposes and may be kept in Backbase’s talent pool for possible future roles. Your personal data may also be subject to further additional privacy terms related to Backbase employees.

Coverage of Personal data

This Privacy Policy covers any personal data that you submit through our online recruitment system or Backbase’s collection from the publicly available sources, including but not limited to:

  • Name, address, telephone number, email address;
  • Log-in and password and other such information used in connection with authenticating you;
  • CV, cover letter, previous work experience, education level, competences and skills, links to your social media accounts and how you heard about the position.

If you intend to provide us with details of a reference or any other third party as part of your CV/ resume, it is your responsibility to obtain consent from the third party. By submitting such data Backbase will assume that you have obtained such consent.

The Processing of personal data is based on your consent

The processing of personal data is based on your consent. You may at any time revoke your consent. This must be done in writing to the following email address [email protected]. As processing of your personal data is a necessary part of our recruitment process, revoking your consent may lead to a situation where we cannot proceed with the recruitment process with you.

Transfers of personal data

Backbase works with third parties who provide services to us. We may share your personal information with those third parties as part of the Backbase recruitment process, website hosting, information technology consulting services, website management, data analysis, legal services, accounting services, and other administrative, back-up and security services. Backbase will take appropriate technical, organizational and legal steps to secure your personal data.

Backbase is a global organization that has affiliates, business processes, management structures, and technical systems that cross national borders. Therefore, Backbase may use resources and servers located in various countries across the globe. Accordingly, your personal data may be transferred outside the country where you use a Backbase website or otherwise provide Backbase with your personal data. In case you are an EU citizen, this may include countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) that do not have laws that provide specific protection for personal data. In such case we will make sure other additional legal measures are in place following applicable law.

Your personal data may be disclosed or otherwise accessed as is required by mandatory legislation. Such disclosures or access may include disclosure of your personal data to or access by e.g. law enforcement agencies in the countries Backbase or its subcontractors and agents operate, as well as in the countries through which your personal data has been transferred according to this Privacy Policy.

Your rights

As an individual about whom Backbase processes personal data you have the right, as appropriate and subject to possible restrictions and other provisions arising from applicable national legislation, to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning you exists in Backbase recruitment systems and communication of such personal data in understandable form. Backbase may have a right, subject to provisions in the applicable legislation, to collect a fee for the costs and expenses actually incurred in relation to providing you with the said information; to erase, block or rectify incorrect, incomplete or otherwise inaccurate personal data or, if relevant, integration of personal data; to object, in whole or in part, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of personal data. In some cases, however, this may also mean the termination of your application or other relationship with Backbase.

You may exercise your rights by contacting us through the contact address described above in this Privacy Policy. We may delete your personal information at any time (including your CV), without any notice. Therefore, you should retain your own copy of the personal information provided to us.

Cookies and other identifiers

From time to time Backbase may place information on your computer to allow us to identify you. This information is commonly known as cookies. Cookies give information on how and when you have used the online recruitment system and our website and helps Backbase to improve the system for a better service. Cookies are today commonly used on many websites. By clicking the consent button on the Backbase recruitment website you explicitly consent to the use by Backbase of cookies. If you do not wish to receive cookies, or want to be notified of when they are placed, you may set your web browser to do so, if such function is supported by your web browser and/or notify Backbase.

Information Security

Backbase endeavors to use appropriate measures (having regard also to the nature of the personal data involved) to prevent and minimize security risks in connection with your use of our systems and services. Such measures include, where appropriate, the use of firewalls, secure server facilities, encryption, implementing of proper access rights and processes, careful selection of processors and other technically and commercially reasonable measures to provide appropriate protection for your personal data against unauthorized use or disclosure. Backbase may also take appropriate back-up copies and use other such means to prevent the accidental damage or destruction to your personal data and to ensure that our services are functioning properly.