Webinar May 22, 2019

Transforming banks into digital natives

Adopting a digital-first business culture is perceived as one of the key challenges for banks to overcome if they want to be part of the future instead of the past. But transformative technology needs a receptive culture to succeed. You can’t just upgrade tech, you need to upgrade culture as well; if one surpasses the other, digital transformation will fail.

Adopting new technologies means adopting a new working culture, a new attitude to innovation, agile working and implementation. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen overnight. Traditional financial institutions often overlook the importance of culture within their business. Partly because it’s less tangible, compared to replacing IT systems and changing operations, but also because it involves structural changes to your staff.

This Backbase webinar will demonstrate how banks can innovate and become digital-first by adopting a startup-like approach, where failure isn’t frowned upon but embraced. This approach acts as a catalyst for banks, so that they can better meet future challenges and client demands.


Date: Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
Time: 5pm CET/ 11am EST (60 minutes)

Webinar takeaways:

  • The key components of the digital-first culture;
  • First steps to transform a traditional banking culture into digital natives;
  • How to adopt a startup-like approach within global financials;
  • Best practices utilizing the agile way of working;
  • Case studies from leading financial institutions.


  • Backbase CEO, Jouk Pleiter
  • Backbase VP of Strategy, Tim Rutten