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Essential resources for banking executives:Enter ‘Banking Reinvented’

Be lightning fast.

Outpace the competition - discover the only digital banking platform that empowers you to stay ahead of emerging trends and outperform new entrants in Saudi Arabia's evolving financial landscape.

The race is heating up

Are you ready to take the lead?

Get everything you need to stay ahead. Backbase provides flexible innovation, simplicity, and control within a single platform, empowering financial institutions to take the lead and exceed customers' expectations faster than ever.

Boost fee-based income

Expand your customer base and retain existing clients by offering innovative, fee-based services with Backbase's EBP

Propel cost-efficiency

Cut service costs significantly, freeing up resources for growth and innovation while ensuring excellent customer service.

Streamline operations

Create a seamless digital ecosystem, offering a distinctive and personalized banking experience to optimize your operations.

Be unstoppable

Go full speed ahead with one powerful platform

Race ahead with Backbase's powerful suite of capabilities that lets you innovate with speed and differentiate with confidence. 

Modernize without breaking the bank

Say goodbye to legacy constraints 

Our approach leverages microservices to drive real-time banking journeys and deliver innovative customer experiences. By offloading your systems of record and adding innovative capabilities, we enable you to modernize without the heavy cost. 

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Digital Banking - Go beyond banking

Harness enterprise-wide automation

Unlock unparalleled customer engagement

We offer an enterprise-wide intelligent automation solution that combines unified customer data profiles with AI and Machine Learning capabilities. By reducing manual processes, friction, and costs, you can achieve truly personalized customer interactions across all digital channels. 

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Customer data ai accelerate time to market

Offer instant assistance on any channel

Redefine your customer service

Our comprehensive, customizable solution empowers your front-office and development teams, ensuring faster and more effective customer support. With features like a unified workspace, 360° customer view, high-impact assistance, omnichannel interactions, and smart assistance, you can boost employee productivity, maintain a personal touch, and keep costs in check.

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Get fresh and actionable insights to boost your profitability and grow your financial institution.

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